Lady Ameline Rookwood is the only daughter of Sir Sebastian Rookwood and his wife Priscilla Holloway. She is a cousin of Lord Siegfried, head of House Rookwood. Ameline is a childhood friend of Talia Blackthorne; she spent some time fostered at Griffin's Peak when she was 14, where the two were schooled in ladies' etiquette. Ameline has somewhat of a dolorous and pessimistic temperament, particularly after her mother's death of fever and her father's disappearance (he accompanied Bedivere Blackthorne to the Untamed Isle and was never seen again). She has a pale complexion and pitch-black hair that she often ties into two buns; her bright hazel eyes are said to be the only color in her otherwise long, grim face. Ameline currently attends Talia as a lady-in-waiting at Everglow City.
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