Mac was born to immigrants of Everglow City who came to Caybourne shortly after its establishment. His parents came from the Half-Moon District and ingrained a quick sense of community into their son. They taught him to never take friendship or the next meal for granted, although he was born into better circumstances than they had come from.

Mac worked as a kitchen hand in the Heartstone Estate from the age of ten in 997AE. With the money he made there, his parents were able to move to Lawoae and begin working as tradesmen.

In 1009 AE, when Mac was 22 years old, he was put forward as a replacement for the former Heartstone Estate Coordinator, an elderly woman named Darla Rockbutton who died of old age.

Due to his friendly nature and willingness to jump in and work alongside his employees, Mac has gained a great amount of respect among the servants of Heartstone Estate. It also helps that he regularly brings baked goods to work for anyone to help themselves.

He clashes regularly with Crisben Bennett who is known for losing his temper with servants.

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