Sir Axl Waynrite is the secondborn son of Lord Orys Waynrite. He was the middle of a triplet set, with the elder being Daxter and the younger being Jaxon. Axl is the largest and strongest of the triplets, and also the most feared. He has a reputation as the cruelest fighter in the service of House Blackthorne, and is often used by the Bloodhawk to terrorize the smallfolk who give him nicknames like "butcher" and "monster" that they would not dare say to his face. Axl was used by Dominic to kill Briona Manford's brother Harrion, effectively ending the male line of House Manford. Axl's nephew Jacques squired for him and is partially blamed by the public for fostering the boy's cruel nature. He is a large man with bullish shoulders, rheumy eyes and long, lank, dark hair. His weak chin is covered by a long goatee that hangs down to his chest. He has a cruel, thuggish and violent disposition with no sense of subtlety, and is willing to threaten people within even the friendliest social setting. Axl wears a suit of silver armor with a rooster-crested greathelm and a cuirass emblazoned with the Waynrite Cockatrice. He usually wields a greatsword, halberd or war lance in combat.

In 1014AE Axl rode in the Everglow Tourney, where he was unhorsed by Sir Jaster Blackthorne. He later attended Jaster's wedding where he angered members of House Sabre. Axl distinguished himself in the Knox-Blackthorne War, helping Yven Monmoth and his nephew Jacques score a victory at the Battle of Nchurdamz. By 1015AE he has returned to the city to await further instructions from Dominic.

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