Lady Briona Manford was the only daughter of Lord Grover Manford. She is the last of her name, the product of a centuries-old covert war waged by House Blackthorne to exterminate the male line of House Manford so as to gain their assets. The aforementioned assets of Briona's family are formidable, for her ancestral home is the Great Riverford, a huge castle that connects all the rivers in the mainland and is the central hub of trade in the midlands. Briona is bitterly aware of the situation she finds herself in and thus has little patience for most of the nobility; she has a highly outspoken and abrasive personality, and even the most hardy of her male counterparts are often afraid of her due to her hot-headed nature and propensity to deal out insults, to the point where even the implacable Dominic Blackthorne considers her to be "difficult." She has little respect for her husband, Roderic, but dotes upon her four children. She remains an influential figure in the Senate, and following the events of the Massacre at the Riverford, she resides in Everglow City.