Casim was born in 998AE to Mancel Ludlow and Amarika Ludlow. Prior to the events of 1014 AE, he avoided spending time with his family, preferring to hide away in his chambers or go on long walks where often nobody can find him for hours.

When he was 5 years old, he caught the same illness which killed several members of his extended family. Since then he has been a sickly child most of his life and seems to be only better in the past two or so years.

As such, he's a rather bookish sort. He keeps thick journals and goes through filling their pages at a ravenous pace with writings, musings, sketches and doodles.

He has been training with swords since he was 12 and has become proficient in using a single-handed sword. But he takes no pleasure in combat, only learning it out of necessity of his role as heir.

He is the Heir to the Ludlow Accord. He hates sea travel and gets seasick every time he steps foot on a boat.