Lady Cecily Cogworth is the only daughter of Kai Cogworth, the Lord of Longbarrow. Alone among her siblings, Cecily appears to have inherited the characteristics of her half-Blackthorne mother, Sigrun Rookwood. Her beauty, with wide grey eyes and curling black hair, won her much admiration from potential suitors, but she was personally the most enamored of Sir Bedivere Blackthorne. Their engagement attracted some suspicion among the incest-loathing western nobility, for the two were distant cousins by blood, yet Cecily was judged as being separate enough in their bloodlines as to make no difference. Before they could marry, however, Bedivere vanished while on expedition to the untamed isle. Cecily is currently in Everglow City with her aunt Quella, where she frequently sees her childhood friend Talia Blackthorne.
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