Crisben Bennett was born to a common elf maid and a common elf stablehand in the Bronze Way during 970 AE. The pair agreed to save up and move to Caybourne where they would begin a new life. They finally arrived when Crisben was seven years old.

His parents started up a small shop and pushed for Crisben to become a squire to Lord Mancel. But the lord wasn't taking on any squires and Crisben was instead diverted to the Heartstone Estate to work as a squire to Tazim Chakif, the Captain of the Guard. He fell into the role well, but detested the older man for his gruff nature.

Keyair Heartstone died in 1012 AE. At the time, there was a small reshuffle of staff and the Heartstone Estate's steward chose to retire. Crisben offered himself for the role and Amayl Heartstone-Rodin accepted.

Due to his tutelage beneath the military-minded Tazim, he can seem demanding of servants beneath his station. He expects everything to be done with prompt perfection.

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