Sir Desmond Karhall is the heir to House Karhall. He is the only son of Shiera Karhall and her husband, the High Elf merchant Orson. His parents had a stormy relationship and separated when he was young. Desmond grew to be skilled at arms, but he was constantly outperformed in this by the daughter of his mother's handmaiden, a bastard girl named Arianne West. These two factors have led to him having a dark temper as an adult, although he is considered the finest warrior in the service of House Blackthorne save for Valar Druun. Talia Blackthorne thinks of Desmond as the picture of chivalry; handsome, courteous, and prodigious with sword, lance and bow. Desmond is tall, and has fine High Elven features with long white-blonde hair and pale grey eyes. He dresses in fine, colorful fabrics and often wears a single amethyst earring dangling from his left ear. His battle-dress is also opulent; his armor is vibrant violet-colored steel plate, patterned with silver scrollwork made to look like snowflakes, and studded with amethysts.

In 1014AE, Desmond was tasked with razing the Marshlands for Lord Dominic Blackthorne, a task he has taken to with devastating effect.

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