Divankul Dul-Sansiska, at age 237, is a middle of the road drow-but in his lifetime he has accomplished the work of entire nations and faiths in scope. He has been a demon, a lord, an exceptional banking executive, a professor, a magical theorist, and authored thousands of volumes of work to the point where there is an entire wing dedicated to him in the Everglow Library.

Divan is also a self centric asshole who has so many oddities and mental instabilities he managed to nearly destroy a race wide alliance with his actions, infuriated his closest allies, allowed the murder of one of the most powerful men in the world to go unpunished, funded the war efforts that ultimately saw the Riverford destroyed by demons, and managed to alienate himself from every reasonable soul in Aradia for a time.

In the end, Divan tried to play the role of a master strategist but he is not equipped with the proper scope of intelligence for the feats required of that position. The man is a studious and outright brilliant creator of thought and theory, but actual practice of his ideas and methods is a far more disjointed affair. He is a powerful mage, one of the strongest in existence if not the absolute, but beyond this he is found wanting in all areas of his life. He attempts to have it all but in the end he is made for studying magic and disposing of evil.

Early Life

In Divan’s formative years he was reared for success under the whipcrack authority of his grandmother, Lady Volia. He was to be a banker, like the house was designed for, and he would be the executive in charge of the headquarters back in Ques Novich for Maiden’s Shield Trust. He was not meant for magic, as it was seen as a weakness the High Elves leaned into and would be easily exploitable if the family dabbled.

Spells and Abilities Edit

Light Mastery- Divan is a master of Light Magic

Master Exorcist- Divan has the title of Master Exorcist, his defensive magics can generally only be canceled out by counters of anti-magic or absorption. It would take comparable skill and mana pools to break through conventionally. As Divan’s fighting style has mainly evolved around using hsi light magic defensive and relying on a secondary school for offensive capabilities he has limited amounts of offensive light magic outside the most simple applications.

Light Screen- Basic wall of brilliant magic, can both blind and block conventional and magical attacks. Was notably used to blockade Jaster Blackthorne form exacting vengeance on Preston Knox during the Blackthorne/Vennet Wedding. The shield can be dispelled or absorbed by high level equipment.

Sun Step- Divan can teleport at the speed of light to any area he can visualize, the brighter day it is out the more energy he has and the farther distance he can travel. Draining to say the least for long distances and can require significant cool down periods if used too often or in large leaps.

Revealing Truth- Divan can summon broadswords of light to skewer his enemies and hold them in place. The Light acts as a paralyzing agent to any dark magic users, and works best on demonic races or blood mages. Rarely used in conventional combat as most mortals are unaffected.

Barrier- Divan has a personal spell barrier surrounding himself at all times, it is multi-layered and with ridiculous combinations of magical structures, geometric arrangements, and other enigmatic formulae that make it functionally impenetrable by anything less than high level spell casting. It cannot block conventional damage and can only be seen by those who have awakened their magical senses. If one is to focus they would see the variety of shapes, colors, and patterns swirling around Divan at any one time. In a sphere around his personal space.

Hard Light Body- Divan surrounds himself in a protective film of light made solid around his body. Negating the need of body armor as he can passively guard against most conventional assaults, and increase the density of the protection at will at the expense of mana.<p dir="ltr">Resonate Word, Final Cataclysm: Annihilation of Oblivion, The End- Divan’s most catastrophic spell ever conceived. It is the epitome of over a hundred years worth fo plotting and scheming, power collection, and microscopic understandings of the core principles of magic. It is the power to destroy reality, warp it so badly it becomes unsustainable. This is the only spell to have utterly torn apart the fabric of the Void before, and its effects on Aradia were enormous sea quakes, thundering tremors, and a kind of echoing shout of malevolent energy that could be felt by every living thing.

The after effects of this power were so devastating that is created a new demonic entity known simply as the Divan. This is divan’s power, untold knowledge, and stolen strengths and insanities given consciousness. It is powerful enough to create magically superior artifacts through sheer thought and lives outside the boundaries of normal physics, Kraai the Void Elf may be the only being who knows of its existence.

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