Estelle Blackthorne, née Waynrite, is the wife of Lord Dominic Blackthorne and the mother to his heirs Jacques and Geoffrey Blackthorne. She was the eldest child of Lord Orys Waynrite and his wife Teressa Emmerett. Her mother died when she was still a child after birthing triplet sons. Orys was good friends with Giacomo Blackthorne, who was known to be open-handed with rewards to those closest to him. Orys tried to have Estelle married to Giacomo's eldest son Arthur, but instead received a match to the secondborn. Their union was a joyous one, for the Bloodhawk took no pleasure from women, and although their marriage was consummated, they regularly shunned each others' company. It is often rumored that her sons were sired by another man with Stormborn blood, and even that Dominic paid this man in order to ensure that he would have heirs without having to bed his wife. Estelle is not beautiful, described as having a stern and matronly appearance with grey hair, a sharp nose and weak chin. She is a spiteful and petty person, known for nursing grudges, and treats her children harshly. She currently resides at Everglow City with her husband and sons.
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