Geraint Blackthorne is the youngest of Roderic Blackthorne and Briona Manford's four children. His family grants him great power; he may be the heir to the Riverford if his brother Bedivere is never found, and as a result is highly sought after for marriage--he is currently being offered to Lucy MacNair though that is subject to change. He squired for his cousin Jaster Blackthorne and is noted to idolize his charge as a hero. Though gangly and awkward, he has repeatedly showed his courage in combat, even killing a swamp troll during the Ambush at Dimhollow Mire. He also had a crush on Jaster's young washerwoman, Dacey. Following the Massacre at the Riverford he currently serves Sir Llewys Monmoth, much to the chagrin of Briona who is immensely protective of her last remaining son.
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