The ancient and most noble House of Cogworth are among the prime bannermen of House Blackthorne, though they are descended from Stormlords they have more pure human ancestry than any of the other bannermen. The House of the Worthy Cog were Stormlords known for their abilities as shipwrights. Their leaders focused upon development of new inventions rather than strength in arms or sorcery. As a result their lands were the most advanced in the whole realm, boasting innovations such as paved roads and mills decades before other Houses could develop them. The House was among the first to swear its allegiance to House Blackthorne and rejoin the mainland after Jason re-established the connection. They rule the island known as Longbarrow, a valley laying between two hills that is subject to harsher weather conditions, but provides fertile lands and coniferous forests--the latter of which provide ample fuel for their shipbuilding. Their seat is castle Cogfort, and they blazon their arms with a golden inverted pall between three golden anchors, on a field of bronze. Their lord is Kai, the firstborn son and successor Lord Quintin. Kai's secondborn son Cletus stands as heir apparent.

By 1015AE, Kai's heir Cletus and his sister's husband Galleon had died in the war. Kai still reigns as head of House, but his only heir is his disabled firstborn son Karlon. Most of Longbarrow's affairs are aided by the widowed eldest sister Quella, her bastard son Clinton West, and Kai's own wife Sigrun. His daughter Cecily is looking for a match following the death of her betrothed Bedivere Blackthorne, while his elderly half-mad mother Wynafred continues to reside at the Cogfort as well.

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