The ancient and most noble House of Falmar are by far the smallest noble house in the Thunderlands. They trace their descent to a Stormlord king's daughter who wed a sheep farmer. They lived as modest crofters for years, but the Rookwoods and Thormunds squabbled constantly over the farming island of Fallowfield upon which they lived, and during a harsh winter in 432AE, Lady Gwenyvere Falmar swore fealty to Pyotr Rookwood in order to ensure the survival of the family, thus making the Falmars the only lordly house in the Thunderlands to be subservient to another. The Falmars are often mocked and looked down upon for their origin and lack of accomplishments, and thanks to their small share of land they cannot be considered wealthy. Their hold is the manor house named Green Gable, and they blazon their arms with a white ram on a green field. The reigning lord is Kavin, only son of Osbert. As Kavin is young, unmarried and thus childless, it is believed the House will pass to his cousin Gereon should he die.

By 1015AE the Falmars have provided a paltry part to the Blackthorne war effort. Kavin's mother Lenora manages Fallowfield from the seat of Green Gable, while her son stays on the Bloodhawk's councils as a representative and ally of Lord Siegfried Rookwood. Kavin's 10-year-old cousin and heir Gereon Falmar dwells at Green Gable as well. His elder sister Valoria Falmar is the long-suffering wife of Sir Jaegar Warthorne, the Knight of Nchurdamz, and his other sister Annabelle is married to Arthur Mannister who went missing on the first voyage to the untamed isle.

Falmar family

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