The ancient and most noble House of Karhall are among the most loyal, as well as the oldest, of the Blackthorne bannermen. They are unique among the houses of the West as they are not descended from Stormlords but rather from a group of Brecilidian High Elves who were granted lands as part of a peace treaty. They hold the island of Frostfall to the far north, a frozen land fraught with cold lakes and quarries from which the family draws their fortune. Following the fall of the Brecilidian Reach in 629AE, many Elven nobles sought refuge at Frostfall, leaving a strong High Elven influence on the House's current state. Their seat is Frostfall Keep, and they blazon their arms with a hundred silver snowflakes patterned against a violet field. Their lady is Shiera, firstborn daughter of Gawen, and her firstborn son Desmond is her heir apparent.

Karhall family tree

karhall family tree (click for full size)

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