The ancient and noble House of Monmoth rule from the fertile, tropical island known as Crystantheum, located off the Mainland's South-Western coast. Known as the "Butterfly Lords," they are famed for their peaceful and diplomatic disposition, but are also notable for their powerful military, wealth, and political influence within the Senate. The climate of their homeland allows the produce of delectable and rare foods--the pear ciders produced from their orchards are considered to be among the finest alcoholic beverages in the realm. They show diversity in their business dealings, however, and have been known to work in fishing and textiles as well. After being in servitude to the fellow Southern House of Mac Tir for many years, the Monmoths are now sworn to House Blackthorne and Crystantheum is considered a part of the Thunderlands for the first time in many centuries. Those of the Monmoth bloodline have fair hair and vivid blue eyes; males of the House are often known to go bald in old age. They are short, stocky and strong in their physical build.

By 1015AE the Monmoths are considered to be the most powerful bannerman of House Blackthorne and form the principal strength of their military backbone during the Knox-Blackthorne War. Their current leader is veteran warrior Yven Monmoth, who is in his second marriage with Solora of the southern Thunderlands colonies. They have a son who is current heir to the house, Llewys, and recently had a second child, Gwyndolyn.

Monmoth family tree

monmoth family tree

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