House Piers has never been of any particular import in the politics of Aradia. Although there are still living members, none are considered legitimate and thus, the house has all but died out. The Piers were originally high elves. The former house's assets were sold and alliances dissolved as of 931AE.

Darcy Piers bought back the Piers Estate, and remade his name, gaining the title of Lord. His motives are unknown, whether he reacquired his family's estate for comfort or in a bid for future power. There are rumors he is looking for a wife of elven blood.

Living Members Edit

Darcy Piers (968AE -)

Darius Black (987AE-)

Lyron Piers (995AE -)

Serenity Piers (1000AE -)

Timeline Edit

  • 508AE - Ylandr Piers is born.
  • 812AE - Harken Piers is born to Ylandr Piers.
  • 866AE - NakuraDul-Sansiska is born to Ylandr Piers and Reynis Dul-Sansiska.
  • 892AE - Ylandr Piers dies of old age.
  • 902AE - Julian Lyreson is born.
  • 908AE - Harken Piers marries a prostitute high-elf of Everglow City named Hyicis.
  • 910AE - Lady Lyrissa Piers is born to Harken and Hyicis Piers.
  • 926AE - The unwed Lady Lyrissa Piers, only living heir, has an affair with a lowly part-elf dockworker named Julian Lyreson and Jon Piers is born. She and her mud-bred child are disowned by her parents who both die within eight years. Lyreson took the mother and son in but never married Lyrissa.
  • 926AE - Harken Piers takes his own life.
  • 931AE - Hyicis Piers dies to auto-erotic strangulation. The Piers Estate is sold.
  • 938AE - Emmeline Suntra is born.
  • 952AE - Julian Lyreson is killed by a falling crate.
  • 956AE - Jon Piers and half-elf Emmeline Suntra are married.
  • 957AE - Lyrissa Piers dies of excessive alcohol consumption.
  • 958AE - Jon and Emmeline birth their firstborn son, Elsik Piers.
  • 968AE - Jon and Emmeline birth their second son, Darcy Piers.
  • 982AE - Elsik Piers begins to court Jacinta Heartstone.
  • 987AE - Elsik and Jacinta, unwed, have their firstborn son, Darius Black.
  • 993AE - Elsik and Jacinta wed.
  • 994AE - Jon Piers drowns.
  • 995AE - Lyron Piers and Angelique Piers, twins, are born to Elsik and Jacinta.
  • 1000AE - Elsik and Jacinta birth their final child, Serenity Piers.
  • 1003AE - Elsik Piers and Jacinta Piers die due to a severe illness, along with their daughter Angelique Piers.
  • 1004AE - Emmeline Suntra-Piers dies in a house fire set by her own hand.
  • 1009AE - Darcy Piers purchases his first orchard in an effort to reclaim Piers' land.
  • 1012AE - Darcy Piers bought back his family estate in Everglow City.
  • 1014AE - Serenity Piers is betrothed to A'Draak of House Redoran.
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