The ancient and most noble House of Rookwood are bannermen of House Blackthorne. Among the most ancient Houses currently in existence, the Rookwoods are said to descend from the union between a Storm King's daughter and the ruler of a now-extinct Wood Elven tribe who had made their home in the great western Shadowwood. They have held the forests there for as long as any written text can detail, with the timber they produce being vital for the region's economy. The Rookwoods hold a notoriously combative relationship with fellow Blackthorne bannermen the Thormunds. Unusually, they are also the only House to have bannermen of their own in the form of the Falmars. Their seat is the sinister marble tower named the Shadowwatch, and they blazon their arms with two battling ravens colored charcoal-grey and orange, on a counterchanged divided field of charcoal and orange. Their incumbent Lord is Amadeus Rookwood, who succeeded his uncle Johann Rookwood. Other significant members of the House include Amadeus' twin sons, Sigmund and Siegfried, and his other uncle, Sebastien Rookwood, who was part of the first expedition to the Untamed Isle alongside Sir Bedivere Blackthorne, and had a daughter Ameline.

By 1015AE, Siegfried Rookwood has assumed the Lordship following the deaths of his brother at the Everglow Tourney and his father at the Fourth Battle of Nchurdamz. He is counciled in all matters by his mother, Barbrey Mannister.

Rookwood family tree

rookwood family tree (click for full size)

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