The ancient and most noble House of Thormund are a powerful bannerman of House Blackthorne. They are descended from ancient Stormlord hero, Thormund the Bold, who drove the demons from the Thunderclap mountains. As a reward for his valor, King Gordon II gave him dominion over the entire Northern mountain range--and the vast diamond mines beneath it. The descendants who bear Thormund's name still hold these lands to the present day, making their home among the high peaks, where the adverse conditions and wild animals have resulted in the inhabitants (including the family themselves) becoming as tough as the precious stones from which they draw their wealth. Native mountain dwarves are sworn to their service, and have been known to marry with the Thormunds, giving members of the family a famously stout appearance. They have an old grievance with House Rookwood. Their seat is the fortress known as Thunderclap Redoubt, and they blazon their arms with a gold warhammer circled by a formation of lightning bolts, on a swirling field of reds and purples. Their incumbent Lord is Maegor, with his grandson Rhaegar as his heir. Other significant members of the House include Sir Valus Thormund, who is Maegor's nephew, and also Maegor's exiled fifthborn son Gaeus Thormund, who is master-of-infantry for the Wild Hunstmen mercenary corps.

By 1015AE, Maegor had died during the Battle of Dimhollow Mire, and Preston Knox had captured his grandson (now lord) Rhaegar. When Jacques Blackthorne executed his own prisoner Barra Corcoran, Cadmus Knox personally oversaw Rhaegar's hanging in recompense. Sir Valus Thormund, Maegor's nephew, then rose to the position of Lord. He currently has no heir apparent, and remains unmarried. Maegor's only living son Sir Gaeus Thormund remains in exile as the second-in-command of the Wild Huntsmen mercenary corps. Lady Daena Thormund, Rhaegar's older sister, was betrothed to the also-deceased Sir Cletus Cogworth and is now seeking a new match. She is currently in Everglow City with her mother, Zara.

Thormund family

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