The most noble House of Waynrite are among the few noble houses in the Thunderlands who cannot boast descent from the Stormlords. The first of the name was a lowborn soldier, the son of a butcher, who fought bravely enough in the Second Blackthorne Civil War to warrant a knighthood. Lord Arthur Hawthorne (the incumbent ruler of the Whiteoak Plains, a large island that served as the seat of the most powerful Blackthorne bannermen) had risen in rebellion, and thus had their lands and titles stripped from them. The plains were thus divided between several loyal knights, and Waynrite was given the largest share. Over the years, Waynrite's descendants managed to absorb the other houses and thus receive recognition as a noble house. The fertile lands of the Whiteoak plains give the Waynrites bountiful wealth through farming, but other noble houses know them for their "weaselly" features and uncouth personalities. The reigning lord is elderly Orys. He has four children; his daughter, Estelle, is wed to Dominic Blackthorne. He also has triplet sons, each a renowned military figure. The eldest, Daxter, is considered a "cripple" for his hunchback and clubfoot, while the secondborn Axl has a tarnished reputation due to his cruelty. It is thus believed that the House will be given to the thirdborn Jaxon Waynrite upon his father's death.

By 1015AE, Estelle Waynrite remains wed to Dominic Blackthorne and dwells in Everglow with their two children. Her widower father Orys Waynrite sits on the Bloodhawk's war councils and is one of his most ardent supporters. Daxter Waynrite, his firstborn, has been given personal command of the City Guard, enforcing Dominic's law in the confines of the city with an iron fist. Sir Axl Waynrite helps lead the Blackthorne armies and remains a favored pawn of the Bloodhawk. Sir Jaxon Waynrite was sent to kill a group of cultists by Jaster Blackthorne, but was captured and indoctrinated by their leader Steerpike. Jaxon's wife Hallie and their daughters returned to the Whiteoak Plains after the death of his son Jason at Jaster's wedding. His only living son Jenys Waynrite serves his cousin Jacques Blackthorne as a squire.

Waynrite family

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