Sir Jacques Blackthorne is a knight in service to House Blackthorne, and cousin to Lord Jaster of that name. He is the supposed son of the formidable Sir Dominic Blackthorne and his wife Estelle Waynrite, though due to his father's alleged disinterest in women, it is commonly believed that he is bastard-born. His father showed little interest in Jacques' rearing, which caused the boy to develop unpleasant behavior. These bad habits were exacerbated by the fact that he spent his teens squiring for the dishonorable knight Axl Waynrite. Despite being younger than Axl's friends, he soon became the "leader" of their group, an unpleasant facet of the Blackthorne ranks known for the cruelty they showed. Jacques was knighted young and is a talented fighter, preferring the use of ranged weapons, the crossbow in particular. In terms of appearance, he shares his father's coloration, but little else. He is of average stature and is quite thin, with "weaselly" facial features that seem permanently arranged into a condescending smirk. Jacques has a petulant, arrogant, abrasive nature and while he is a capable soldier, he is far too rash to make a properly effective politician, preferring to rely on what brawn he has rather than brains.
Jacques banner

Jacques' personal coat of arms, identical to that of his father's with the addition of the Waynrite symbol to represent his mother

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