Lord Kavin Falmar is the Lord of House Falmar of Fallowfield, a farming island in the West Thunderlands. He is the lone bannerman of House Rookwood and, by extension, a banner of House Blackthorne. He is the only son of Lord Osbert Falmar and his wife, Lenora Holloway. He has two elder sisters--Valoria, married to Jaegar Warthorne with three daughters, and Annabelle, married to Arthur Mannister. As a child Kavin shared a close friendship with Talia Blackthorne and her twin brother Jaster. His father died in 1013AE and he ascended to Lordship of the House; Kavin currently represents Rookwood interests in Everglow City while his mother handles the administration of Fallowfield itself. It is implied that he may have feelings for Talia, which may be mutual.
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