Lyron Piers was born in 995AE and is the younger brother of Darius Heartstone. His parents are Jacinta Heartstone and Elsik Piers. He had a twin sister, Angelique, but she died when they were eight years old. His younger sister is Serenity Piers. Lyron and his cousin Claire Ludlow have been very good friends for most of their lives and are rarely seen without each other.

Lyron is a throwback to the Piers' elven side and looks surprisingly like a High Elf despite only being around one-eighth elven. He is very tall and beautiful, easily catching the eye of any girl.

Despite the attention his good looks garner, he's still unattached. He won't explain why, and his family have put it down to his predominant elven genes making him a bit late to the party. But truth is, he can't stand the thought of bedding a woman or living a life lying to one that he loves her like that. And he has no idea how to deal with the knowledge he would rather love a man.

Background Edit

Lyron tries not to remember his parents' countless fights in those early years. But he honestly cannot recall a time where they were happy with each other. So he made his own happiness in the arms of other family members.

The first eight years of his life he spent with his sister Angelique and the Ludlow twins, Claire and Jenny, running all over the Ludlow Estate in Caybourne at breakneck speeds. He enjoyed the company of Claire most of all. He loved his baby sister Serenity, but she was far too little to play with them.

When his parents and Angelique died to an illness, Lyron was allowed to stay with the Ludlows while his older brother Darius and Serenity lived with his grandfather, great-aunt, and aunt Rasheba.

He trained in horsemanship, archery, and swordsmanship from an early age. The general assumption was that one day he would be a knight, possibly a bannerman forming up his own house beneath the Ludlow Accord. But into his teens he insisted on being Claire's bodyguard instead, an idea she welcomed. Although he is likely to continue his path of knighthood once Claire is married.

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