Nimbe Elassore Rodin was born in 999AE shortly after the death of her father Ealthe Rodin. She and her step-brother Carndas Rodin lived in the Wilds with her mother Wynmae Elassore until she too died.

Despite the delicate structure of her body, Nimbe can run like nobody's business and climbing is her specialty. She has large golden-green eyes and soft, pink little lips. Although pretty, there's something about her that lets her just... not exist to most people. Fade into the background. Maybe it's her half-breed status. Maybe.

She is very quiet and keeps her thoughts to herself. But when she does speak, she has a strange talent – an innate ability to make people want to see things her way. Whatever this magic is, it needs development to be of any real use.

She has a hand-made necklace crafted from twine and polished green glass from the beach. It is likely her most prized possession from her mother.

Nimbe hates the chaos of Everglow City, finding it more than overwhelming. She cares nothing for nobility or houses or political intrigue, despite the recent reveal that her Rodin side may actually have some credence in that world.

Her newfound friendship with Lyron Piers and Claire Ludlow (along with employment) has her following them about Aradia as a lady-in-waiting.

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