Born in 983AE to Keyair and Celia Heartstone, Rasheba is the youngest of the Heartstone sisters and the only unmarried one. Of the sisters, she has the most experience of the world.

She was bitten with a love for adventure early on and was constantly running off with boys of all sorts in her early youth. It was only after some unknown incident in 1007AE that she abruptly returned to her family and began taking care of her nieces and nephews as something of a bodyguard and teacher.

Before and during her adventuring years she learned to fight with sword and shield. But she also learned how to be a proper lady. Wifecraft isn't quite what she'd call it, but she knows how to appear to be a noblewoman. There are also some strange rumors about her strength being unnatural, but these are unfounded...

She is good friends with her aunt Amayl Heartstone-Rodin and niece Serenity Piers. Amayl was responsible for getting her into combat skills and Rasheba in turn is responsible for teaching Serenity swordsmanship.

At age 31 she is still unmarried and unspoken for. She isn't entirely certain she could settle down with a boring nobleman and live a sedentary life. But she also hasn't pursued anyone since she returned seven years ago.

She often accompanies her nieces and nephews in their travels if they head over to Mainland Aradia. She is ferociously protective of her family, but doesn't appear overbearing unlike her aunt.

She lives life like she could die tomorrow.

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