Seamus was born in 951 AE in Briochi as a commoner. He worked as a dockworker from the age of 10 until 966 AE when he was 15. He joined Keyair Heartstone's merchant fleet as a crewman.

When Keyair 'retired' his seafaring merchant days in the 970s, Seamus was offered a position as his stable master at the Heartstone Estate. At the time there were only a handful of horses, but Seamus agreed anyway as he wanted to settle down and marry. With the position, he was allowed to take a name of nobility. He chose Lennon, after his father.

In 976 AE, at the age of 25, he found a young commoner bride from Caybourne. Her name was Bernadette, and she was one hell of a battleaxe. He loved her deeply.

Over the next twenty-five years, they would churn out seventeen children. Seamus made the daily ride from Lawoae up to the Heartstone Estate until his wife died in 1010 AE. He took up servant quarters at the Estate and refuses to meet any of his children in their childhood home. Therefore there is a steady stream of visitors for the old man as his children and grandchildren drop in.

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