Serenity was born in Caybourne to parents Jacinta and Elrik Piers, 1000AE. At the tiny age of 3, her parents, grandmother and older sister all died from an illness. Although she got sick too, she managed to survive and is none the worse for wear.

Serenity was informally adopted by her great-aunt, Amayl Heartstone-Rodin and has a good relationship with the woman. She enjoys spending time with her aunt Rasheba Heartstone and is learning sword-fighting from her. She also had a good relationship with her grandfather Keyair Heartstone up until his death in 1012 and gained her love of stories from him.

She is not close with either of her living brothers, but they get along well enough and she looks forward to Darius' visits back home. Although she is on good terms with her Ludlow cousins, she rarely mingles with them, unlike her brother Lyron Piers. However, she can often be found at either family estate with a single guard.

Her uncle Mancel Ludlow is keeping an ear to the ground on finding a suitor for her. She has accompanied him on several of his business trips as he has recognized her ability to gather information subconsciously and inconspicuously.


Very quiet but curious. Speaks so rarely that anything she says makes the entire room tends to go silent - much to her embarrassment. She is socially awkward but likes to be around people to just listen. She comes across as very meek and subservient but secretly enjoys tales of adventure and exploration and stories of strong, capable women. It's one of the reasons she admires her great-aunt and aunt so much. Despite this, she respects men and has childish fantasies about meeting a nice husband and leading a life made for an adventure/romance novel.

She has some skill with her grandfather Keyair's katana. Her aunt Rasheba and her uncle's advisor Elmer have helped train her.


Art by Kotorchix/@NatalieKDR

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