Tazim was born in the Tropics in 938 AE. His half-sister Yimi Jun was his caretaker after his parents died to illness. He doesn't remember her sadly, as she died in childbirth (940 AE). The father of her motherless twins, Gauge Heartstone-Rodin, adopted Tazim and took him back to Everglow with his newborn children Keyair and Amayl.

In 955 AE (Tazim was age 17), Keyair chose to jump off his merchant father's success and start his own trade routes. Tazim agreed to be part of his crew, serving as his first mate.

Shortly after they left, news of Amayl's abduction by pirates reached them. They took part in the search alongside their trading enterprises, to no avail unfortunately.

He became close friends with Paris Kalani when he joined the crew in 957 AE.

He acquired most of his scars in 962 AE during a run-in with the Malabre Marauders, an infamous pirate crew captained by Nazaret Malabre. Tazim was captaining the ship that Nazaret sank, and most of his crew were executed before his eyes. He was left to die on the sinking ship but was rescued by Keyair and Paris, a little late to save anyone else.

Tazim remained with Keyair after that, working alongside him to prevent tragedies such as the last. With their strategic minds combined, they devised several tactics to protect the merchant fleet. This didn't always prevent attacks however, and Tazim took part in many skirmishes.

The merchant fleet would again run into the Malabre Marauders in 969 AE. The fleet arrived as the Marauders were executing crew members. Tazim hopped ships with Keyair and several more of their fighters only to find one of the crew to be executed was already spilling blood left and right. They assisted this last fighting crew member, a boy of seventeen who would later introduce himself as Mancel Ludlow.

Mancel joined the fleet and became a close confidant of Keyair's. Tazim liked the kid and suggested he be Keyair's new first mate. With Tazim's blessing, Keyair agreed. But Mancel offered a different arrangement - that he and Keyair become business partners. Keyair agreed, seeing the boy's potential.

Many things happened that year of 970 AE. Amayl was found alive. Caybourne was discovered by the Heartstones and began to be settled. Tazim liked the idea of sitting on dry land for some time and took part in building Shelter, Maria Vale, and the Heartstone Estate over the next few years.

With the construction and naming of Heartstone Estate in 973 AE, Tazim accepted Keyair's offer to be his Captain of the Guard there.

Tazim suffers from depression and PTSD, throwing his entire life into his work to distract himself. His men are well-trained and disciplined soldiers.

Despite being good friends with Paris, the two seem to avoid being seen with each other at any time it wouldn't be expected.

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