Lord Valus Thormund is the reigning head of House Thormund, and one of the principal bannermen of House Blackthorne. He was nephew to the previous lord, Maegor Thormund, who raised Valus as his own son after the boy's father (Maegor's younger brother Maelus) died fighting Orcs alongside Pellinore Blackthorne--his mother had died while birthing him. Sir Valus had an established reputation as a man-at-arms long before his unexpected ascension to the Lordship; while a capable warrior with a hunger for prestige and glory, he was also regarded as cowardly by his detractors which earned him the nickname of "craven." He exacerbated the bad blood between his own family and the Rookwoods by accidentally killing their heir Sigmund in a joust. Valus inherited the leadership of the family in late 1014AE following the death of his predecessor and his former heir after the Ambush at Dimhollow Mire; ironically this achievement came shortly after he'd fled the field at the Massacre at the Riverford, proving his own cowardice. He currently resides at Everglow City where he attends the Bloodhawk's council meetings and is regarded as among the Lord's more avid supporters. Valus is physically strong but fat, with a protruding beer-gut and several chins. He is prone to going "red" when angered. His scalp is clean-shaved, but he has a scruffy neckbeard. In combat Valus wears a steel kettle helm and a stained red gyronny surcoat marked with his family's golden warhammer. He carries a spiked warhammer as his weapon of choice.
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