Yven Monmoth is the head of House Monmoth, and a principal and powerful bannerman to House Blackthorne. He has held the position of Lord since he was 9 years old, following the death of his father Daffyd, and within his lifelong stewardship of Crystanthium has overseen a turbulent and ever-changing political climate for his House. Following the demise of House Mac Tir, Yven elected to join his power to the Lords of the Thunderlands instead of pledging allegiance to the Sabres, who were the new masters of the Tropics. Through his sister Alyssa, he is uncle to the current lord-paramount of the West, Jaster Blackthorne. Ironically the same connection makes him Uncle to the wife of the Sabres' heir, Talia Blackthorne. An accomplished warrior in his own right, Yven mentored Jaster in becoming a knight and still remains the young man's most trusted political councilor. He is, at present, in a happy union with his second wife, the Lady Solora of Umbura Isle. Together they have a son, Llewys Monmoth, and are currently expecting a second child. Yven is of average height but is broad and strong; his hairline has receded almost completely and his blonde beard has turned grey. He has sapphire-blue eyes. Yven is a level-headed and calm man, with a good heart; he strives to be the voice of reason in any given situation, and is happy to offer sage council to those who seek it.

In 1014AE, Yven took part in the Everglow Tourney where he was unhorsed by Sir Barra Corcoran. He attended the weddings of his niece and nephew, and in the attack during the latter lost his brother Llord. During the ensuing Knox-Blackthorne War, Yven won a victory at the Battle of Nchurdamz. He has currently returned to Everglow to reunite with his son Llewys. His daughter, Gwyndolyn, was born at Crystanthium in early 1015AE.

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