Zlatkov was born in 967AE to commoners in Westgate. He was the fifth of fourteen children and quickly had to scramble for work to help pay his way. It wasn't long before he was on the street fending for himself. At the age of ten (977AE), he became a squire for House Umbridge, a profession which thankfully paid well enough to support a few of his siblings with regular payments home.

Zlatkov was nine years the senior of the Umbridge heir, Arthur. The current lord, Harold Umbridge, wanted him to be the boy's bodyguard one day due to their 'near-enough' age and had him trained towards that goal. By the time he was fourteen, he was trailing five-year-old Arthur and his nannies all over Westgate.

Arthur was an impulsive charge and Zlatkov never liked the kid. But he took part in teaching Arthur to defend himself as he grew older. Zlatkov started liking his job a bit more once Arthur was old enough to frequent brothels. But once again Arthur's impulsive nature had to ruin it. Several times Zlatkov dragged Arthur out of those places with the blood of some girl across his jeweled knuckles.

So Arthur started having his vices brought to him. But the boy was obsessed with the idea of someone wanting to kill him, so forced Zlatkov to be present at all times. It became clear that Arthur got some perverse pleasure out of the audience - especially when he began to hurt some of the girls. Zlatkov was forced to watch as Arthur choked other women to death. He later was charged with disposing of the bodies.

Arthur's acts finally resulted in a pregnancy during 998AE. The poor girl jabbered all over Westgate about how she had been raped by Arthur. Quite abruptly after the child's birth, Arthur fell ill and died. In truth, when Harold Umbridge learned of his son's crimes gaining such velocity through Westgate's gossip circles, he had Zlatkov poison him. The girl, Gwynneth Fairbairn, and her child were brought into the Umbridge's care.

Harold took Zlatkov on as one of his own bodyguards. Zlatkov enjoyed serving Harold much more than Arthur and his loyalty grew stronger every day. In 1003 he became Harold's captain-of-the-guard.

Zlatkov is a powerful warrior and can be found in the slate greys of Westgate guard armor. He wields a hefty battleaxe but is proficient with any weapon he can get his hands on.

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